When People Get Paid To Get Good Grades

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What if you were paid to get good grades? Then I told you some people are; like in Worcester, Mass, South High Community School. “Those who score a 3 or higher on the A.P exam earn a $100 reward, as do their teacher” (Sam Dillon 1). This new idea has contributed greatly to the performance of the students at Worcester, Mass High School; think about the improvement it could make at your own school. In the article Incentives for Advanced Work Let Pupils and Teachers Cash In it shows multiple examples of the great effects that this proposal has made. ****“70 percent of them scored high enough to qualify for college credit, compared with 50 percent before. One in four earned the top score possible, far outpacing their counterparts worldwide.” (Sam Dillon 1). Too many people have stopped caring about the education that they get. So many think of school as a waste of their time so they don’t care about taking A.P classes, or passing high school with good grades. When the students were told that they could earn one hundred dollars by keeping up their grades and getting good A.P scores in Worcester Mass High School, the percentage of people that took A.P classes went up greatly, as well as the number that passed their classes.…show more content…
It may not have been expected that one-hundred dollars could make such a large difference—but it did. Brian Leonard who teaches at Lake Hamilton High School earned a $12,500 reward when 65 of his students passed the exams. “Three years ago, Lake Hamilton High had nine A.P math students, and their parents were all doctors, lawyers or other professionals…” (Sam Dillon 1). This is just one of the many examples of the great improvement the schools have
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