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Martin Luther King Junior (MLK) was a preacher, clergyman, and a powerful speaker who started the end to the black and white segregation in America. He created many of the most heartfelt and sincere speeches, and his literary techniques were skills only dreamt up by a common man. During his years he created many memorable speeches, such as “I Have a Dream” (IHD), “Eulogy for the Martyred Children” (EMC) and his final speech “I've Been to the Mountaintop” (IBM). Within these speeches MLK has gone about employing many literary techniques to bring his political and social concerns across to his followers. MLK talked of the “No Action” theme in his speeches and used Imagery to show what needed action. “Injustice” he displayed through metaphors in exhibiting the violation of Black American civil rights. Then finally he spoke of “Segregation”, through his use of allusion to have his followers create their own ideas. These concerns, as well as the literary techniques used as foundations for his concerns, moulded his speeches into some of the most memorable ever made in recent history. During the Civil Rights movement lead by MLK, the largest issue was there being no action made by the black people to improve their circumstances, thus in response MLK uses imagery within his speeches to provoke them to action. In getting MLK’s followers to put his words into their actions, MLK needed to bend his words in ways which had his people imagine an image which showed MLK’s…show more content…
Injustice like the stopping of segregation, was among many of MLK’s goals in putting a stop to the oppression he and his people were facing. In expressing his concern for such a goal of justice, he takes advantage of metaphors, drumming them into the minds of his followers, so that they can immediately reference something which they can relate
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