How Did African Americans Changed The Course Of The Civil War

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The Civil War took the lives of more men than any other conflict America was ever involved in. The Civil War was a four year battle from 1861 to 1865, between the North, known as the Union, and the South, known as the Confederate. Although this battle was initially about the secession of the southern states from the North, the civil war grew into the battle to either end or continue slavery. Through all this, African Americans played a pivotal by fighting for their rights to fight in the war, and gain the justice they long deserved. African Americans changed the course of the war In 1861, the Union allowed the involvement of African Americans in the war, after the Emancipation Proclamation. Towards the end of the war, the Confederate allowed…show more content…
Although both sides granted African Americans to become soldiers, many felt it was wrong to do so. In particular, the border states, and southern states. For many years a 1792 federal law restricted blacks to enlist, however after Lincoln's proclamation, African Americans in the North could join the war. In 1861, many blacks tried to enlist, after being rejected multiple times. Pres. Lincoln at the time did want to allow African Americans to fight because he did want to upset the border states. Eventually, the Union thought it was a good opportunity to strengthen their army by number. Therefore Edwin M. Stanton sent a General to Mississippi to enlist African Americans, after recruitment in the North was slow. Through the course of the war, policies eased, allowing African Americans in the Union to explore other jobs. However for the

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