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Did you know the Jonestown massacre was a mass suicide that killed over 900 people? All of the members in People Temple drank the“Poison Punch” except the leader Jim Jones who died of a bullet wound to the head. The Jonestown massacre was marked the single most deaths of U.S citizens. The leader of peoples temple was Jim Jones and how he used many different ways of intimidation to scare his people so they would accept his rules. Some examples of intimidation that he used were: He took his peoples belongings if they questioned him or his rules. If the citizens of Jonestown question their leader he would take items like their houses, and custody of their children. Jones also, tricked his citizens into going into Guyana. He tricked them by saying that “ They would build a utopia together.” Jones also, had them do what he wanted. If his people didn’t do what he told them he would take their things and punish them harshly. Jim Jones used a combination of intimidation, violence, and promise of reward to shape the identities of his people.…show more content…
Some examples of the violence he used were: when he heard of the attack on the people who were fleeing with congressman Leo Ryan he thought that the only way out of being torchered was to commit suicide. Jones told everyone to got to the main pavillion so that they could commit the revolutionary act of suicide. Jones also, did bad things to the people in his cult if they questioned him. He did this by taking peoples medications and passports and got plagued by mosquitoes and other tropical diseases. Jones also, sent four men to kill the members and people that were fleeing back to America with congressman Leo. Some people escaped the assassination expect congressman Leo and four other people who were all killed at the airport who were planning to leave Guyana and go back to

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