Mirror Identity Analysis

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Identity is like a fingerprint; a unique identifier of who we are. It’s different from everyone else’s. It’s something people must create for themselves, and they do so through the decisions they make. In the book “Mirror Image” by Lena Coakley Alice gets into an accident and has to have her brain transplanted into the body of a girl named Gail. After the transplant, Alice isn't sure of her new identity because she now has a different body and no longer resembles her twin sister Jenny. However, her brain and memories remain the same. Jenny on the other hand has a hard time accepting Alice's changes. Mrs. Jared becomes stubborn about it and thinks that Gail is still alive but Mr. Jared is accepting of it. . In the book “Saturday Climbing” by…show more content…
For Barry it’s the struggle him and his daughter are having in terms of connecting with each other. He tries to find things to do with Moira, but at this point nothing seems to be working. There were many “activities Moira and he had done together” (Valgardson 54) but “she dismissed [them] with a contemptuous shrug of her shoulders.” Undeniably Barry is trying hard to close the gap between father and daughter; nevertheless Moira sat idly .This highlights that they’re having trouble in the family. Barry is struggling to keep the connection with his daughter; even though they’ve been doing multiple activities together nothing seems to be helping them rekindle the relationship. Likewise Alice’s family is having trouble, with Alice and her new body .Alice continuously tries to persuade her twin sister Jenny that "[her] brain is [hers]." (Coakley 13). This though does not seem to be enough to convince her however. Jenny remains skeptical of her sister by refusing to let Alice read her diary and by her statement at their birthday party "Sometimes [she] think [her] sister is dead” (Coakley 17). This makes Alice sad. This portrays that the family is trouble not believing that Alice is still Alice in that body, that maybe she’s changed. Thus giving Alice lack of confidence in her new body. By comparison in both stories it illustrates that the people around them (family) has a major effect on their identity. Although family is very important, choices are also important to

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