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Third, Eagle Summit CDS participates in joint and site staff meetings to establish expectations for school processes and functions. Although we meet as a joint alternative education staff several times throughout each year, which includes Chaparral HS, Snowline Virtual School, and Eagle Summit CDS, the majority of the work that moves student achievement forward at Eagle Summit takes place during the site specific PLC meetings. In addition to joint staff meetings and the two aforementioned PLC meetings (C.O.S.T. and mid-week), minimum days are utilized for Eagle Summit staff training. These trainings may include district initiatives, new programs to implement at Eagle Summit, and/or review of current processes. For example, the beginning of…show more content…
As a result, we reinstated our ASB (Associated Student Body) as of the 2014-2015 school-year. At the beginning of each year, and several times throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to apply and interview for the few ASB positions open to each of the three current classrooms. The ASB has taken a leadership role on the campus as they plan activities, manage the ASB budget, address school-wide issues and policies, govern a peer-mentoring program, operate the daily ASB store box, and are given consistent opportunities to meet and confer in their mission to create a student-centered…show more content…
For several years, we have organized a school site council, which is a group of school leadership team members, community members, and parents. During these meetings, school site council members review school policy, current educational practices and law, school’s areas of need, and they work to define and help monitor student achievement. Likewise, we started a newsletter that includes parent feedback, PBIS tips, and current events at Eagle Summit. Although our goal is to complete a newsletter at least quarterly, we plan to inform parents about their child’s school as often as possible. In addition to newsletters, we often send home flyers with school and district announcements and information, as well as make connect-ed calls, a program that allows for a pre-planned phone call to all parents. We recently implemented the use of electronic and paper surveys to receive parent and student feedback in order to address school safety, policy, and other important school and community topics. This data is reviewed in PLC, school site council, and ASB meetings where students, parents, community members, and staff can identify critical areas of need and create action plans to address those

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