Military Draft Research Paper

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Reinstate Draft along with Volunteer The United States of America needs to keep the volunteer aspect of the military, but also have the draft in effect. The draft needs to come back because a lot of our soldiers are serving multiple tours causing them to come out with post-traumatic stress. We need to reinstate the draft to give young men the opportunity to grow mentally and physically while protecting the United States. Having the volunteer still intact with the draft is great because some men and women want to fight in combat either because of family tradition or because they do not what they want to do in life yet. The draft may alleviate soldiers from doing multiple tours of duty. A lot of the soldiers return from war having PTSD, known better as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is when a person experiences a traumatic event that has an aftermath of shock, flashbacks, anger, nervousness, fear, and even guilt. All of the aftermath effects then lead to depression, substance abuse, memory problems, along with other physical or mental problems. The sickness is also connected with social and family complications which include, marital problems, and…show more content…
The Military Selective Service Act provides for the common defense by increasing the strength of the armed forces of the United States. It also requires every male in the United States to register with the Selective Service once they turn eighteen until twenty-five years old; that way in the need of the draft everything is already all lined up. There are some differences between female officers and enlisted personnel in the military, but women have never been allowed to enlist in the Selective Service registration or a military draft in America. The women who serve now and who have served are all volunteers and want to be in the military by

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