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Amare Stoudemire is a professional basketball player and my hero for three key reasons. He demonstrates emotional numbness on the court. He has accomplished many achievements, and is very popular. That is why I admire Amare. First, I elect Amare Stoudemire as my hero is for his emotional numbness on the basketball court. One example is when Amare’s step brother was sentenced to nine an a half years of prison in an armed robbery. Amare and Marwan were really close; just like real brothers and it was hard to believe what he did, (Hernandez). After that incident, he had to play a crucial playoff game in Staples Center. Throughout the game he was feeling embarrassed that his mom was arrested for failing to have an ignition interlock device for her car very recently, (Medina). Overall, Stoudemire does not show his personal life emotions on the court in three ways.…show more content…
First, Amare has become a five time National Basketball Association All-Star. He succeeded in coming in second in All-Star votes behind Kobe Bryant in 2007, which was tough to do. Also, there is still more in him so, he is able to be an all-star for the Knicks if he tries, (Beck). Next, Amare can be compared to basketball legend Bill Russell, Amare can be one of the best big men of his time. Also, that he was able to help The Phoenix Suns make a deep playoff run in the 2005-2006 season behind his 20.4 points per a game and 9.6 rebounds per game averages, (Thomsen). In summary, Amare has made the all-star game, been compared to a basketball legend, and helped the Suns make a long playoff

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