Middle East Civil War Research Paper

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How does the Middle East civil war affect the people throughout the world? The precedent sequences of life, started with the newborns to the adulthood, as time went by their mindset started changing into a new perspective mode. April 12, 1981, the American civil war occur due to the differences between the northern and the southern region, people started rebelling against the rule of rights and furthermore; just as the middle eastern region which located between Europe and Asia, a group by the Al-Qaeda emerge to the surface in 1988, the founder- Osama bin laden and whose father was killed by an American. The Middle East is consider to be the world best regions of producing oil and since other countries embedded the idea of their perspective…show more content…
My other ideas are also similar to this one but more risky, one of them was sending an espionage to hack into their technology systems and report every plans they have for the upcoming years. One main solution I did have from the beginning is invited them to join other religious groups and possibly experience how does it feel to actually worship their own gods or God, although I am absolutely aware that some people no matter what kind of religions groups they have experienced during their past years, they stand firm with their dogmatic idea that people should worship their God or gods only, such as Christians and possibly other religious people might feel the same way, even if they don't suppresses their ideas while using monstrous methods; This inadequate idea upset many other people from different religions, those perspective ideas are the same kind of perspective that displays during the first world war where nations are blaming other nations for starting the war and affecting

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