Mexican Segregation Research Paper

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Segregation existed in the neighborhoods were the town would have Mexicans live in barrios while the other people would live in the rich side of the towns. The separation was done by their cultural backgrounds to help them feel more at home. Most Mexicans cannot afford to live; solely alone, they had to find other ways to have a roof over their heads. That means that they moved into apartments with their whole family and friends because their income was too low. They sometimes "found themselves in neighborhoods that for the most part lacked sewers, gas for cooking and heating, paved streets, or sidewalks. Many families built their own two-room wooden houses and could afford very little furniture. There were no refrigerators; heat came from wood burning kitchen stoves. Clothes were made on…show more content…
The parents would work two or three jobs just to be able to support their children. This was a way that the children to see how hard their parents had it and should give them a motivation to do something better of themselves to teach themselves English to understand and have a better future. They "faced various forms of separation and exclusion in most avenues of American life. They lived in segregated neighborhoods, were relegated to low-paying jobs, and it was difficult for them to experience upward mobility." (Donato, Hanson, n.p.) Mexicans were excluded and were treated without respect. Through the years, the Mexican communities fought for equality and yet they kept experiencing segregation because some of the towns would not have "Child-care centers health clinics, playgrounds for the children parks and other community services nor did it have conveniences like food stores, laundries, and

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