Analysis: Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults

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A 15 year old Boy caught stealing candy and other food items from a local food mart, was perceived as a criminal and prosecuted as an adult. Is that considered fair? Juveniles should not be tried as an adult or receive the same punishment as an adult would receive for stealing an expensive item from the store. Some people think that they should receive the same punishments, others may argue that Juveniles should not receive that punishment. Teenagers can change their lives, understand what had occurred and the punishment they could receive after they turned 18 years of age. Crimes such as misdemeanors and murder are crimes and that should not be tried as an adult for teenagers under the age of 18. Many People agree that being tried as an adult is an…show more content…
For a crime that an underaged teenager has committed people believe that “ “adults” [should] have learned how to behave and to realize that there are consequences for bad behavior” (Ames). Teenagers often re-enact their video-games because they see people die in their games and their brain does not realize that in reality people do not “come back to life” when they are killed. Teenagers should be treated as an adult for the crimes that they commit, so that they are not bound to have the same mistake “recur”. However, yes that may be true that teenagers should receive a high punishment for their consequence for murders, But according to some people, some juveniles do know what their consequences should be. Defendants often say that some “juveniles understand the consequences of their actions when they [think about] potential results of getting caught” ( S.M Goldmark). Putting a teenager in prison for many years to life, can waste away and take away the potential person that child can become. Telling a child what their punishment would be when they hit the age of 18 plus years, will dim the chance that they will not repeat what they have

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