Organ Sales Persuasive Speech

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Everyone needs different things to survive, that is a fact; for instance, one must have food, as well as water. Those things are all external needs. There are many things that people need that come from the inside, or internally. Humans as a whole need organs to live. Although, some might not seem important, they all play their part. The topic of both illegal and legal organ sales is a controversial one, depending on how you look at it, it can be a blessing or a curse. Organ sales and trades are a worldwide issue, and people still aren’t fully aware of it. The history of organ sales is complex and a bit off setting. The first successful kidney transplant, which proved long term effectiveness was in 1954, at a Boston hospital. While time rolled…show more content…
Facing today’s statistics, more than one organ in illegally purchased every hour; out of these organs being sold, the majority of them are kidneys. Recent studies show that approximately 99,521 people are currently awaiting a transplant, out of these people, 4,500 will die waiting. A man in need of a kidney transplant made a Facebook page and posted about his situation, many people were willing to donate in order to go back to their homelands, such as Hungary, and for the need of money. In the US, the usual price for one organ vary between $1,000-$5,000; however, on some occasions, such as the event on Facebook as mentioned before, some people request as much as $50,000 as compensation to donating one of their kidneys. With the rules of organ transplants as they are, only 10% of organ transplants will be done if the donor is alive, and unknown to the patient at hand. Additionally, most of the transplants that do happen, the organs are donated from either the deceased while the organs are still healthy, or a family member that matches the blood of the patient. More and more organs are needed daily, but with the shortage of organs, those people who need the transplant desperately enough turn to black market trade; other than the fact that black market trades are illegal, the trade from organ sales can host moral, ethical, legal, and sometimes even physical dilemmas for people. After, realizing the desperarity of the…show more content…
First, because there are not enough kidneys to go around, many people do not get them, not because they are not lucky, and not because they did not wait on the list; after a while, with so many people on the waitlist, if the actions in order to get a kidney to a person are too troublesome that person will be taken off of the list. I understand that there might be a shortage on the side of organs, but doctors are supposed to save people, not take those who have been waiting for years on a list to be taken off all because some paper work was a little difficult. Secondly, people who sit in the hospital with their family members in need of a transplant and cry, I do not understand why they wouldn’t donate their organ, I understand if the two are not a match, or if it is a major organ, but if it were to be a kidney or a liver. I understand that making the decision of giving up your organs can be a bit taxing, you have to take in account what the person is likely to do with a new organ, and you also have to think about what will happen if the donated organ is not accepted into the body of the patient. But if family members were to donate an organ to a loved one it would cut the number of people dieing without a transplant down due, to the fact that there would be a source for the organ. My overall opinion on this particular subject is that organ sales should be legalized. If

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