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Eduardo Ramirez Hanan Aly WRA 150 Cultural Artifact September 30, 2014 The Old Man and the Dance What does dance represent in Mexican culture? Dance in Mexican culture is very important no natter area of Mexico you go. Each state in Mexico has its own traditional dances; none of them are exactly the same. Mexican culture sees dance as a form of celebration of happiness, god and life. There are many interesting dances but I choose a small specific dance of the State of Michoacán. The dance is known as the Danza de los Vejitos (dance of old Men). This dance strongly shows some of the most important aspect of dance in Mexican culture. The dance of the old men is very Unique dance to the state of Michoacán in Mexico. There is no dance in the…show more content…
In Mexican culture old age is more respected than in other cultures. In Mexican culture the older you are the more wisdom you attain. For example, in my dad’s town if you wanted advice about live and the history of the ancestors of the area you go to the older gentlemen in the center plaza of the town. The older gentlemen would be there in the morning and you could go up to them without fear and find about history and wisdom. Being Older doesn’t make you less than another person but more wise. Old age represent you have lived through the hardship of life and are still standing, it gives younger people a goal to reach in life that’s old age. Old age is beautiful because you can still appreciate your family and the things around you. The most important you appreciate live because you know your time is almost over. You just appreciate life more and are happy you live it to its extent. For example my grandmother is 89 years old she can’t walk and forgets things all the time. I see whenever she sees all her children and grandkids she is the happiest person in the world. That’s why she lives to see her family; it represents what she built when she was young. I love talking with my grandma because she is the funniest person I know. I see my grandma appreciate everything in old life. The moments we take her outside to the sun she loves to eat and the moment we feed her favorite food known as mole. Old age in Mexican culture represents you have lived life and a very good one. Mexican couture views old age as an achievement and

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