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Music can freeze time, trigger emotions, and bring people back to a particular place or event. The power of music is unlimited, as the walls that encompass the lyrics cease to exist. Extrinsically, music is simply organized tones and chords, yet the lyrical values of songs create a deeper meaning within the harmonies. Some people may interpret lyrics differently, but whatever the interpretation is there is still meaning behind them. An exemplary piece that shows depth to the choice of lyrics is John Mayer’s song, “Daughters.” This song attempts to expresses the truths about relationships through the use of figurative language by thematic means. While Mayer successfully describes the downfall of a romance through such means, he captures his…show more content…
In the chorus of the song, Mayer resonates, “Fathers, be good to your daughters/ Daughters will love like you do,” creating the idea that the way children are loved is how they will love once they grow up. He uses an apostrophe to demonstrate the necessity of a nurturing, loving parent in a woman’s life. Mayer shows the correlation between parents, their daughters, and the men who love their daughters through the lines, “But boys would be gone without the warmth from/ A woman’s good, good heart.” He says that boys would “be gone” without a woman’s love, which is a hyperbole at work. The man would not literally be gone, but his soul, heart, and his life would not be the same without his woman’s love. This relates back to the daughters having trust issues with their father, which leads to having trust issues with the man, which then causes the man to develop relationship struggles. Mayer combines an apostrophe and a metaphor in the bridge of his song as he says, “You are the god and the weight of her world,” as he is speaking to the father of his lover who has left her. He is not actually the God or the weight of her world, but he uses this to emphasize the importance of a father figure, just as God is important to most people in the Christian

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