Sharpies: The Effect Of Different Cleaners On Dye Removal

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Natalie Roberts Eighth Block 14 October 2014 Debbie Anderson The Effect of Different Cleaners on Dye Removal Many people use sharpies to permanently dye an object. The question is can this dye that is in sharpies be removed? What is the effect of different types of cleaners on the removal of dye There are many different properties of a sharpie that make it so called “permanent”. The different types of dyes and pigments that are found inside of them. Also the surface that is being written on can affect whether or not the stan can be removed, as well as the environment that the said is object is being kept in can also be a factor. There are many qualities that sharpies have that make them permanent. One thing is they are water…show more content…
The molecular structure of the pigment determines which of the two it is. There are many differences between organic and inorganic pigments, each is derived from different sources. The organic pigment comes from plants and the inorganic is manufactured from topical cosmetics and dirt. Each of these has different properties as well. Such as the color of the pigments, the color of an inorganic pigment is dull, whereas the color of an organic pigment is very bright. Also the chemical stability of the pigments vary. “In organic pigments it is usually good, but in the inorganic pigments it is often sensitive (Kolorjet chemicals).” “Dyes are a natural or synthetic substance used to add color or change the color of something (merriam-webster).” Dyes are what colors everything we use on a daily basis, from woods to clothes, and toys or fabrics. When dyes are applied to something it is usually in liquid form. There are a few different things that make a dye colored. One of which is chromophores.”Chromophores are a chemical group which absorb light at a specific frequency and so imparts color to a molecule (merriam-webster).” The chromophores in the dyes are what makes it so sustainable to absorbing…show more content…
If something is written in sharpie on a plastic bucket and left outside and another plastic bucket is written on in sharpie but left inside the amount of time the marker stays on the buckets will vary because of the different environments they were being exposed to. Also the different surfaces that a person is writing on can affect the permanence of a marker. The same marker could be used to write on a t shirt and write on a piece of plastic and one last longer than the other due to its different properties. Even different types of paper can make a sharpie’s mark last longer than another. This is because of the chemical makeup of the different papers and its acidic

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