One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Characters

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A) Darl proves to be the most intelligent and empathetic character in the novel. Darl shows the ability to know what happens without even being present and the ability to understand things about other characters in the book. Darl shows his intelligence when he starts analyzing space and time, “It is as though time, no longer running straight before us in a diminishing line, now runs parallel between us like a looping string, the distance being the doubling accretion of the thread and not the interval between” (146). B) Jewel is the most sympathetic voice in the novel. In the novel, he proves himself through his actions. He does not leave his mother’s death bed, proving his compassion. Compared to the other characters in the novel, Jewel cared the most about his mother’s health as well as her feelings. Jewel gets upset when Cash keeps hammering at his mother’s casket in front of her window, “I told him to go…show more content…
B) This declaration indicated Vardaman used deductive reasoning in order to make this association. His fish had died, his mother had died, therefore his mother must be a fish. This shows that while Vardaman might be young, he is still unlike the other characters in the book. C) Vardaman is young and naive, because he struggled to understand that she is dead, associating her with the fish keeps his mother alive. He even tries to help her ‘breathe’, his brothers find “...the top of the box bored clean full of holes and Cash’s new auger broke off in the last one. When they taken the lid off they found the two of them had not bored on into her face” (73). D) Anse, believes by getting Addie to Jefferson he’s proving his love, although he’s only doing it to get his new teeth. Cash believes his commitment to build his mother’s coffin shows his love instead of being by her side on her death bed. The characters have troubles with the ideas of identity and
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