Mercy Killing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Mercy killing and Capital punishment are two different things which have a total opposite reaction. Mercy killing can be considered to ending someone else's life so they don’t have to be suffering what they are/were suffering, which someone consider this sacrifice to be good. But when it comes to Capital punishment they don’t hesitate in killing someone who threatens them, so they kill them for the crimes that they committed, which some people consider bad, and some consider this good. Like in the novel Of Mice and Men, someone important comes out in the case its Lennie who at the end gets shot by his best friend I support Capital Punishment but disagree with it greatly. When Lennie was born he was born sick which was a great disadvantage in the 1930’s, but after so years of beings taken care of his Aunt Clara she died, leaving him in the hands of George to take care of this “sick” boy. Knowing that Lennie was a big “boy” and fought most of the times, which started from his addiction which was to touch soft things that got him in trouble and evolved to fights, as well George still took care of him. The last time that they ever moved was to a place called California, which was where they meet the people who would evolve from strangers to friends. Friends who complained about Lennie but loved…show more content…
The British brutality in East Africa has a reference to how George killed Lennie, George is like the British they didn’t care for the Africa’s so they decided to kill them off, when in reality the African’s didn’t do one single thing to the British, just like the relationship that George and Lennie had. All over the Mexican news we can see that people get killed, abused for just being who they are, just like the article The British brutality in East Africa and the novel Of Mice and

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