Ethan Frome 'And Roman Fever' By Edith Wharton

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Edith Wharton was born in 1862-1937, during her long career she had many accomplishments. Wharton was born a storyteller whose novels are very fascinating to read, she was able to write stories and create vivid settings, satiric wit, ironic style, and moral seriousness. The writing was influenced from the time she was born, Civil War. Wharton took some influence from writers of her era (Curators, Dwight, Winner 1). One of Wharton’s outstanding novel is “Roman Fever” creating a great climax on the story. “Ethan Frome” could be considered as one of her great work. Both stories appeared on her short story collection “ The World Over”. The short story “Roman Fever” take place on Roma, the setting is on a restaurant of the city. The two main…show more content…
The title represents the forbidden love between Mrs. Ansley and Mr. Slade, they know is bad like the fever but they can not do nothing about what they feel for each other. Another important point on Wharton’s work is the use of Dramatic Irony, the story is a love triangle that has been quiet from long time ago. The two main characters are “friends” but the reality is that they are enemies because they both fight for the love of one man. “ Yes, I was beaten there. But I oughtn’t to begrudge it to you, I suppose. A the end of all these years. After all, I had everything; I had him for twenty-five years. You had nothing but that one letter that he didn’t write” (Wharton 117). Mrs. Slade supposedly wanted to confess the truth to Mrs. Ansley but her priority was to destroy Mrs. Ansley illusions, make her look that after all she win. She thought that it was very simple, to marry him and spend all those years would make her feel better. All this problem has affected those woman's friendship after all those years of being friends, it seems like their friendship was not strong enough to face any kind of problems. Wharton make the relationship between Alida and Grace weak because she forgot the “trust” that all friendships should have. Coincidence plays a role in this story, how this friends reunite after all those years and

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