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PANELIST CONSIDERATIONS Incentives People do not automatically agree to be on the panel in a sensory study. Rather, an incentive to participate is usually required to prompt motivation in the people so that they volunteer. People usually ask the question “What is in it for me?” and this is the question that all sensory specialists or panel leaders should be ready and able to answer. Token Incentive A token can also be used as an incentive for people to participate in the sensory evaluation. But, the “token” must be just enough to get them participate and not much that it becomes the only motivation why people participate. If a lot of money is given as a token to people in an evaluation, their evaluation will be not true as they will do anything for the money and hence, the purpose of the evaluation will be violated. The significance of the token incentive varies from situation to…show more content…
• Free products can also be used as token incentives. • If the participation is extraordinary, gifts or social events can serve as token incentives. Incentive of Management Recognition Choosing panelists can become a very easy task when the panelists’ management also recognizes sensory panel participation as an important contributor for research. This way, the people participating feel backed up their management which serves as a motivation and an incentive to participate in the sensory evaluation. However, it must be kept in mind that not only the top management but also the supervisors of the panelists are okay with their participation and support them. An educated and progressive management acknowledges that taking part in a sensory panel can improve work skills, serve as motivation for project success and can give a break to the employees from work, thus, enhancing the overall job

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