The Louisiana Purchase In John Guare's A Free Man Of Color

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John Guare’s play, A Free Man of Color, is set during the 1800s in New Orleans, Louisiana. John Guare uses the unique and colorful story of the main character, Jacques Cornet, to portray the effect of the Louisiana Purchase. My personal point of view is that the play was presented in an interesting manner. The lightning design, and stage set up, was very fascinating and intriguing. Overall, all the parts of the plot were essential, some more than others though. There were tiny pieces that could have been left out that would not have affected the overall performance of the play. By use of frivolous 1800s clothing, authentic settings, and widely known government officials, the Louisiana Purchase and its importance, both good and…show more content…
The moans exemplified the pleasure he was receiving, and though the audience may have interpreted these moans as vulgar and in some cases, disgusting, it provides the audience with awareness the audience desperately needs to understand the concept of the play. The gestures Jacques portrays throughout this moment in the play were in conjunction with the moans and actions of Jacques and his partner. By covering Jacques’ body with sheet covers, the director provides the audience with a chance to imagine for themselves, what Jacques and the woman are engaging in. The men who are in conflict outside of the bedroom wore regular clothes that would have been worn during the 1800s. The yelling from the conflicts outside of the bedroom creates tension on stage because the audience is forced to decipher the situations between two conflicts on…show more content…
In reference to certain characteristics of the play being designed for younger generations, the moment that struck me the most was the sexual scene which the main character Jacques uses sexual behaviors on stage to signify his role on stage. Either directed or in written script, this moment was built up by previous parts of the play that mold this moment into the true character of Jacques a free man of color. This moment provides the plot a conflict and it uses several characteristics including lower lighting, followed by certain visuals, as well as effective sound usage to get the main point of this moment across to the audience. Overall, this moment in the play provides the audience with a rude scene, which is beneficial to the plot of the

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