Medieval Feudal System

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Feudal System Medieval European Farming The Feudal system in medieval europe was led by the King or Queen who ruled the land followed by the nobles who were very wealthy people who attended to business matters in relation to their land land. The knights were next because they earned money and got good food due to the fact that they fought for their country and the lord would respect that matter. Last on the system was the peasants who were very poor and where not cared about by anyone and had to live life the tough way and spent their lives making churches or harvesting their crops. Medieval Japanese Farming The feudal system in Medieval Europe was lead by the emperor who was really just a figurehead. Second on the system was the shoguns who owned…show more content…
The Samurai would wear this everywhere they went but mainly when monitoring the Japanese Shoens. When headed for battle or war a samurai would wear a mask. The masks that they wore were made to look scary and to intimidate the opposition and it worked very well. In battle a samurai would also wear a body piece made up of layers of steel. The samurai would also wear a hard shell like helmet to go with their mask. They would use metal plates for thigh and calf guards. This type of samurai armour dates back to 1840. Comparison The Japanese armour of the samurai does not at all have much in common with the Knights armour used in medieval europe. One aspect that both sources did have in common was the use of plate armor. Plate armour was used on a samurai's body kit, thighs, calfs and helmet. The use of plate metal in medieval europe was very similar near the end of this period when the knights changed to using metal plate armour like the samurai all over their body to stop all sorts of sharp objects. Both groups armour was made to cover as much of the body as possible to have less chance of a large
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