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Medieval Manor A manor was a country estate, usually a district over which a medieval Lord had domain over. The Lord could also exercise certain rights and privileges during the medieval period over what goes inside the estate. Typically, a medieval manor included a manor house build apart from the villages where peasants and other workers lived. Medieval Manor House Medieval manor houses also came in various sizes from 750 acres to 1500 acres, which was in accordance with the wealth of the Lord who owned it. Typically, a manor house had a Great Hall, a kitchen, storerooms and servants quarters. The dining area of a manor house was usually found in the Great Hall as it was where meetings were held and generally used by everyone who lived in the manor. Most manors also have solar rooms located at…show more content…
Medieval manor estates comprised of agricultural lands, villages and a manor house. The villages were where the peasants live work, while agricultural lands were worked by Vassals. Medieval Manor Estate may also include orchards, gardens, woods, lakes and ponds depending on size of the property and the wealth of the Lord. Medieval Manor Estate and the Feudal system Feudal system was a combination of a military and a socio-political system in the Middle Ages, which was mainly based on exchange of lands for a fee or exchange of service and labor. It brought about the relationship between a Lord and a Vassal. This kind of system flourished during the 19th to the 15th century. Originally, it started when King William used this concept to reward his Norman supporters. The lands were taken from the English people and were given to Norman Knights who helped the king conquer England. These lands were called Manors. Medieval Manor Estate Buildings Since Medieval Manor were agricultural estates, most historical accounts of its buildings included a range of buildings which were built for agricultural

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