The Wonderful Feudal System In Medieval Times

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The Wonderful Feudal System “With the advance of feudalism came the growth of iron armor, until, at last, a fighting-man resembled an armadillo.” A quote from John Boyle O'Reilly. It shows how Feudalism has changed our world into what we know today. We remember the Feudal System as castles, lords, kings and knights. The medieval times marked the beginning of the Feudal System. In the medieval times some horrible things happened such as murder and disease, but the Feudal System paved the way for modern society. There was a chain of command in the Feudal System. Such as the king, lord, fief, and the peasant. Wealth was a big factor of the Feudal System. Payments varied from money to children. The most common payment was crops, farmers had…show more content…
In many kingdoms peasants were required to remove themselves from their own homes if a fief or lord needed to seek shelter in their homes. The same went for fiefs; they had to remove themselves from their homes to accommodate for a Lord and his company. Taxes were also a big part of keeping balance in Feudalism. In times of Famine lords imposed heavy taxes. This led the fiefs to impose even heavier taxes on the peasants and in turn many peasants starved and made the problem worse due to the lack of hands to grow crops. If lords imposed too heavy of a tax then kings would punish them by requiring half or more of their earnings. This kept uprisings to a minimum, because the common man would see this as a balanced government and trust in the king’s ability to rule the lords and the…show more content…
Feudalism also harbored brilliant innovations and discoveries such as “the universe operated systematically” (Brown). Laws varied by the land and some lords did not have laws but most included; property of a dead man was up for grabs, meaning that the dead man’s family did not get to inherit their personal belongings. Hunting was also illegal because it was considered stealing from the lord’s land. But law and order wasn’t always fair. Most laws only applied to some people such as peasants. Lords did not have to abide by their own laws but they had to abide by those laid down by the king for lords. Feudalism organized society in times of chaos and lawless lands. Such as when a king was struggling to keep order in his lands. Most of Europe adopted The Feudal System. Kings kept their kingdoms together with Feudal Systems; they did this with oaths/contracts to keep their Lords and Fiefs loyal to

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