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Introduction Paragraph This book Whipping Boy is written by Sid Fleischman and illustrated by Peter Sis. It is about a whipping boy and a prince, who accidently set out on an adventure that makes them depend on each other. Summary Jemmy, who had lived in the streets, gets made a whipping boy. He gets whipped instead of the prince. One day, when Prince Horace decides to run away, he takes Jemmy, and together, they head for the town. However, they meet Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater on the way. But they manage to trick them and get themselves to town safely. They meet Hold-Your-Nose Billy again, but in the sewer this time, so they manage to outrun him and get back to the palace safely. Character Details Jemmy is a whipping boy for Prince…show more content…
He smells of garlic, which is why he is called Hold-Your-Nose Billy. Petunia is a bear who saves them from trouble. She is a dancing bear, who always goes to places with Betsy, her owner. She seems big and scary, but is soft inside. Plot Details Jemmy, once a poor boy living in the streets, had been made a whipping boy. He got whipped instead of Prince Horace, or Prince Brat, which others called him. One night, Prince Horace decided to run away, and took Jemmy with him as a servant. Prince Horace had decided to go to the town, but in the forest, they met Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater, who had learned by the prince’s actions and the crown with them, that they were a prince and a whipping boy. Jemmy planned a trick at the moment, and even though it did not turn out well because of Prince Horace, he managed to get both of them out of the place. They head to the river where they met Captain Harry Nips, a potato man. They managed to get a ride on his coach. However, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater had found them, and try to take them away when Petunia, a dancing bear, and his owner Betsy came along and send them

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