Socrates 'Myth Of The Metals'

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Myth of the Metals Socrates view on justice is to have harmony among the citizens in a society. He explains this with one of his many stories on his idealistic society. Socrates’ view on justice is characterized by his belief in harmony and Myth of the Metals story. Also, what could Socrates’ have done to make his story more just? The Myth of the Metals is a story Socrates made up that will attempt to ensure a perfect harmonization within his idealistic society. The Myth of the Metals is known as a “royal lie” (3, 16). The story begins that every person on Earth are brothers. They all come from the same place, but God has framed each individual differently by a classification of metals. “Some of you have the power of command, and in the composition of…show more content…
What I could gather from the story is that upon birth, each individual is told a story once they become old enough to understand the meaning behind it. None of this is true, the leaders choose who goes where but if they all believe that God chose them, then there will be less questions asked. They are told they are made from a certain metal ranging from gold to brass and iron. The gold, being the most prestigious of metals, displays having the greatest honor and the ability to rule and hold a high position within the community. The second metal is silver. Now in this society, being silver doesn’t necessarily mean “second best” as we think of it today. The silver classification contains a class of quality, top notch soldiers and auxiliaries. This metal doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough to rule, this metal means that their role within the society is to protect the society. The members within both gold and silver are told just how important their role is and how they are the “Guardians” of their city. They are to look out for the

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