Media Influence On School Shootings

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When I wake up every day I know that, I wake up everyday knowing that each individual can speak their minds and practice any religion they choose to. I wake up knowing, that everyone has equal rights, and that poverty and suicide is a thing in the past. I wake up knowing that I am safe at school or in a dark alley, knowing that women are no longer being raped and violated of their rights. American has strived for 239 years, overcoming obstacles and quickly adjusting to the modern time. We, the people, can make America the land of the truly free. When the revolutionary war was fought and won, the amendments were put in place as a guideline. The first amendment states that we, the people, have the right to freedom of speech and religion. If the first amendment states that we have freedom of…show more content…
The rate of school and mass shootings have tripled since 2011. School shootings happen way too often in America, innocent children and adults have died because of one person's action. Media has a massive impact on shootings, studies have found that 30 percent of mass killings and 22 percent of school shootings appear to have been inspired by previous events. Killing innocent people for a limited amount of fame should not be promoted by the media. I wake up knowing that media does not promote innocent people dying. I wake up knowing that females are no longer the inferior gender, however equal to men. For women to no longer be the 18.5% of congress but to have a larger voice in america. When I wake up, I know women do not fear walking alone at night. I want women to feel safe, for them to know that the next 107 seconds, they will not be the next victim of sexual abuse. Women and men should feel safe and secure in the land of the free. There is also equal pay when I wake up. The gender wage does not exist; women are no longer getting paid 78 cents to a man's dollar. I wake up, knowing that I am equal to the person sitting beside
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