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Marking a little check mark beside presidential candidate George W. Bush was the first time I had encountered the world of politics as far as I could remember. I was in kindergarten and the school was introduced to a mock presidential election between Bush and Kerry back in 2004. We knew what the word ‘president’ was, but we were still too young to understand the actual term and duties of a president; my friends and I just wanted to choose the person with a name we were familiar with, which was Bush. My parents were documented immigrants, so I was taught how to understand politics and elections around the same time as they were. Therefore, school became my top agent of political socialization in my early life. Without questioning, we were automatically…show more content…
Both of my parents were independent towards the political parties and ideologies; recently, they leaned towards the Democratic Party and its policies. I recall back to the first election of former president Obama. My whole extended family was overjoyed that Obama and his policies came to office because of their daily struggles. Most of my parents’ siblings were illegal; Obama’s immigration reform has changed their status. Now they are able to freely work and get their licenses and passports. That impacted my life because now my family does not have to be concerned with the late night road blocks or even the Immigration and Customs Enforcement breaking into their homes! Now I have mixed views on how to view the social issues around us and I started to support others and their beliefs. I have the utmost respect to my father, and so when I vote, or will vote, I picture him. My father is another strong influence to me. He has taught me how special it is to be privileged to vote and have a voice that can actually influence the nation, unlike the country we escaped from. My dad spoke about how corrupt Mexican government is and the poverty level inside that money-thirsty country. I remember the aged roads, the foul smog, and how people usually eat one or two meals a day in order to save money. It shaped my mind, which is why I lean towards the Democratic Party because their polices help those in the lower class and is better involved in

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