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In this book, there are multiple subjects presented, along with many point of views. The perspectives of detectives, parents, students, Columbine staff members, bystanders, and the shooters themselves were all featured at some point in the pages. The beginning chapters along with some scattered in between were devoted to describing the events leading up to the massacre. The middle of the book was devoted to detailed descriptions of the attack from multiple perspectives as it was orchestrated. From there all the way to the index, the extensive aftermath was carefully dissected and explained. It was by far the most varying subject of the book, as it covered every aspect of the period after the shooting took place. Unanswered questions from…show more content…
In the months prior to the attack, he pair concocted an extremely elaborate strategy, all recorded in detail. In order to be precise as possible, “They kept schedules, budgets, maps, drawings, and all sorts of logistical artifacts, along with commentary in notebooks, journals, and Web sites. A series of videos were specifically designed to explain their attack” (Cullen 35). Their preparation also included the creation of an arsenal of homemade and acquired weapons, “Eric designed at least seven big bombs, working off The Anarchist Cookbook he found on the Web” (Cullen 32). By planting the mentioned seven big bombs at different strategic areas in the school, they hoped to obliterate the cafeteria, along with the five-hundred students and staff inside. “They estimated the damage variously as ‘hundreds,’ ‘several hundred,’ and ‘at least four hundred’---oddly conservative for the arsenal they were preparing” (Cullen 32). They also placed a bomb in a nearby park to distract and hopefully deter police from the high school. However, the most sinister detail of all was how they positioned their cars, filled with explosives, in areas where they expected the most medical responders, police, and news crews to arrive. In an estimation made by the author, “Maximum body count: nearly 2,000 students, plus 150 faculty and staff, plus who knows how many police, paramedics, and journalists” (Cullen 34). A year beforehand, they decided on an approximate time: Monday, April 19, 1999. In the meantime, they made final preparations in constructing the remaining explosives, illegally purchasing guns with the help of a friend, collecting over seven-hundred rounds of ammo, and enjoying what little time they had left. A year later, Harris and Klebold arrived inside

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