Personal Statement Of Purpose In Mechanical Engineering

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“Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” – This quote by George Bernard shaw gives the definition of every single moment of our existence. Interest is one feeling which guides us to create ourselves and Determination is the one which helps in sorting out the way we create ourselves. My father, who runs a restaurant, is a standing example implying “Success is a proportionate mixture of hard work and strategy”. Right from my childhood, I was fascinated by the way he uses his analytical abilities in order to make his day. This changed the inclination of my childhood towards strategic management of resources involving numbers. This Hotel has always served as a valuable resource in becoming familiar with the word optimization. This fascination and interest unconditionally drove me towards “INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING”.…show more content…
I was particularly interested in mathematics and physics and their profound implications in day to day life left me with no other option other than M.P.C in my intermediate. Now, the challenge in front of me was to get into a reputed institute for my under graduation course. My efforts assured me an admission into Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology. Incited by my connate liking for science, mechanical engineering was the choice in front of me. Stimulated by my undergraduate discipline in mechanical engineering, where courses like Machine Design and Operations Research created a solid foundation to groove on the processes of design and manufacturing, my interests were focused in gaining a complete insight of production and industry, in which the latter one is of more

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