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The Meaning Behind “War Prayer” Mark Twain wrote the short story “War Prayer” in 1905. This story involved exactly what was written in his title, both war and prayer. Twain wrote about a country who was going off to war, and those who had men being sent out to fight for their country were greatly honored. Families of these men were so proud, Twain wrote about the soldiers parading through the streets as the families cheered with joy. The next part of the story which brings prayer into play, is showing a scene where families and soldiers are praying as well as listening to the minister in a large gathering at the local church. Prayers that were sent to God in order to take care of their loved ones as they fought in battle. Suddenly a mysterious man walks into the church, quietly making his way to the altar waiting for the minister to finish his prayer. The man then speaks to the audience saying he is a messenger from God, and he was asked to tell the people that he has heard both prayers, ones spoken to themselves and out loud. God asked him to interpret all prayers that were spoken in silence to be announced and said aloud amongst the crowd in order for their prayers to be answered. Those prayers that were interpreted by the strange man were far different than those spoken in silence, many were not seeking safety and peacefulness, but rather “blood shedding” and…show more content…
Twains main points of this short story were that war was never seen as a calm and peaceful situation, and those who prayed for their men that were sent off to war, were actually praying for a

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