Girl Interrupted Borderline Personality Disorder

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One of my favorite actresses is Winona Ryder. I found her character in the movie Girl, Interrupted to be interesting, suspenseful, and touching in many ways. In the storyline there is a young woman whose name is Susanna Kaysen that was admitted to the mental hospital after attempting to commit suicide by taking large amount of pills. While in the hospital she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. According to (2015), “border personality disorder is a mental health disorder that generates significant emotional instability. This can lead to a variety of other stressful mental and behavioral problems.” Throughout the movie Susanna does express some of the borderline characteristics: identity confusion, career confusion, impulsivity (sexually),…show more content…
According to his model, Ego Identity is an individual’s representation or knowledge of oneself. Identity is subject to an ongoing process of development featuring psychosocial crises that must resolved to progress successfully to the next stage. Identity becomes more stable in adolescence through the resolution of the crisis of Identity versus Role Confusion/ Diffusion. If this not achieved, then identity will be unstable moving into young adulthood (Frager & Fadiman, 2011, P.165). As Susanna grew from a child to an adult, her relationships with her parent and those were close to her develop a person that felt uncertain of her identity, as well as unloved. This created behavioral problems. The issues became so extreme that she came to a point where she was admitted to a mental institution for over indulging on a bottle of pills, as well as mixing it with vodka. As she is admitted, into the hospital, she believes only for a few weeks. In turn, she ends up staying for almost two years before she is release. While institutionalize she learns a lot about herself, as well as those

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