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The Mayans were an extremely advanced civilization. Why? Their lives revolved around their religion. Lot’s of acts were done out of the benefit for the gods. Starting with religion and following into, arts, sciences and warfare, each had religion dipped in the roots to show the gods the undying faith of the Mayans. Mayans were a polytheistic society that built temples for their gods. Priests are held in high respect. Since it was said only specially trained people could only hope to understand the gods(Walker 450). Priests also took up the main jobs within the Mayan society ie.) Astronomy, math, hieroglyphics, calendrics, rituals, medicine, teachers, prophecy(Walker 450) and more. The gods were very tricky to please which meant rituals had…show more content…
The Mayans painted everyday life, but they also took turns depicting religious occasions. Some frescos displayed priests along with human sacrifice(Walker 457). They believed everything they did was for the gods which in turn was for the greater good so the Mayans took no shame in showing off their lifestyle. Pottery has been a bit different from anything that was made for the gods was to stay in the temple and was only to be seen by the eyes of priests and gods(Walker 457). There were ritual pots, tumblers, and figurines depicting gods that were most likely made by men and placed in the temples(Walker 457). The architecture was quite amazing as well. Mayans were popular for making step pyramids, and at the top would be a shrine representing the deity the pyramid was dedicated to(crystalinks). Even the walls of buildings were elaborate plastered with great gods(crystalinks). And every building was made in honour of the gods(crystalinks). Even literature was contributed specially the “Dresden Codex” which dealt with astronomy and religion(Walker 458). The Mayan hieroglyphics were written on pottery, altars, and even stelae's(Walker 458). As you can see a large part of the arts for the Mayans was to celebrate the gods and leave

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