Urbanization Problems In Kazakhstan

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Urbanization is a multilateral and difficult process that appears in almost every country. This process poses a formidable challenge in many developing countries, including Kazakhstan. So itmust be strictly controlled by the government. Uncontrolled urban population growth can lead to a number of socio-political, economic, environmental, and other problems, such as problems of unemployment, poverty, inadequate health, poor sanitation, urban slums, environmental degradation, etc. From my point of view, the issue of urbanization is one of the most relevant problems in modern Kazakhstan. In the press conference in the office of the Central Communications in 2013 ErbolOrynbaeyev, Deputy Prime Minister, reported that Kazakhstan is the leader of…show more content…
KwasiNsiah-Gyabaah,PERN Steering Committee member and principal, has made a research about impact of urbanization on people’s health and stated, that “Urbanization is the driving force for modernization, economic growth and development, there is increasing concern about the effects of expanding cities, principally on human health,livelihoods and the environment”.Last year I was researching overpopulation and urbanization problems in India, the second most populated country in the world. Based on the results of these researches, I think that that government of Kazakhstan and each person of my country individually should pay more attention to the issue of…show more content…
There will develop deficit of workforce, which provides Kazakhstan’s population with meat, milk, bread, grain and other food resources. Committee on Statistics of Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan established that in 2012 in Akmola region milk and meat production decreased by 20% and 12.8% respectively. The area of crop fields also declined by 0.8%. The overall statistics of Kazakhstan also grew down:milk production by 10%; meat production by 1.9%.It will have bad effect on Kazakhstan’s economy in the nearest future, if food supplies decreases year by year. Because, 9% of Kazakhstan’sexport belongs to export of cereals (Oshakbayev, 2012). Moreover, Kazakhstan is the 3rdthe biggest grain exporter country in CIS, followed after Ukraine and Russia (Oshakbayev, 2012).Income from exporting meat to Russia in the first quarter of 2014 year was 1 million 212.7 thousand dollars whereas export of wheat in the same period time gave our country 54.8 million dollars (Darinov, 2012). We can see that agriculture plays significant role in economy of

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