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Foreword: Brief History of brands Dentyne “The product was developed by Franklin V. Canning in the late 1800s. Mr. Canning created the gum for the sole purposes of preventing tooth decay, sweetening breath, keeping teeth clean and white “(Ray, 1999)dentyne classic gum. Orbit “The product was developed by Wrigley and dates back into the 1940’s, a time in which there was world war two. The brand faced a tough time in the United States markets and only made its return in 1976 Germany, Switzerland and Holland” (Jr, 2012)orbit facts and history. Stimorol “Stimorol was first launched in Denmark in 1956 by the family-owned company Dandy. At that time chewing gum was an American phenomenon mostly associated with soldiers and young rebels.…show more content…
Objectives: • To determine which brand between Stimorol, Orbit and Dentyne has the longest lasting strawberry flavor. Project Details: The entire duration of this research primarily focuses in the L&M block at Xanadu residence (south campus, Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan University).In aid of collecting data the following materials are used Stimorol, Dentyne, Orbit, a survey and timer. In conducting the experimental research our sample size which focuses on the L&M block primarily consists of 34 individuals but for reasons not stated in this report we found it better to limit it to 10 individuals. Only a single test which included a three step phase was carried out and repeated among the 10 candidates. During testing candidates are required to fill in a survey Procedure Phase 1- • The candidate was given the first sample which included one of the possible three brands. • A timer is then used to record the length of time of which the flavor lasts. • Candidate then filled in the survey. Phase 2- • After an hour the second sample of the two remaining brands was then provided. • A timer was then used to record the length of time of which the flavor…show more content…
• From the results we can infer that Stimorol has the longest lasting strawberry flavor among Orbit and Dentyne, see Appendix 3. Remarks / Observations: • The Dentyne bubblegum has a strong and sharp flavour at which quickly subsides, but it has a quickly recurring. • Orbit has a short bursting flavour. • The Stimrol bubblegum brand has an appetizing texture and flavour. Assumptions / Limitations: • The chemical nature of the bubble gum brands was not considered. • The experimental research was conducted only on males. • The respective brands were not tested to breakdown point. • The volume of the sample per brand varied according to the manufacturer. Recommendations: • More tests should be conducted to validity of the results. • Future tests should consider both genders. • A larger sample size might provide a better outlook. Distribution: Mr Raban Author: Ludwe Mdliva & Unathi Mana Title: Bubble-gum flavor mystery Location: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Phone #:0844805344 Date: 30 March 2015 Approver: None Title: None Location: None Phone #:None Date: None

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