Scout And Lily In To Kill A Mockingbird And The Secret Life Of Bees

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Character Comparison Essay Life was hard for Scout and Lily, the main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Secret Life of Bees, due to the many flaws in their lives. Both Scout and Lily grew up in an environment in which they always had demands placed on them that they were expected to meet. These challenges helped them evolve into positive role models. In comparing these two main characters, the reader can see that both Scout and Lily possess integrity as well as an opposition to racism even though they were brought up in different types of families. Scout and Lily possess the quality of inner strength and integrity by standing up for what they believe in. They had big voices that they were willing to use. Scout and Lily showed integrity…show more content…
Both girls had fathers that raised them, but the difference in their fathers was that Lily had a father that mistreated her and lied to her, whereas Scout’s father taught her life lessons and brought her up the proper way. They both had a “fill-in” mother to assist them. Unlike Scout’s aunt, Rosaleen was black and not as proper. If it wasn’t for Rosaleen getting in trouble, Lily never would have gone and busted a black woman out of jail, and she possibly may not have learned to appreciate colored people for who they are. Lily was always getting Rosaleen out of trouble. Meanwhile, Scout’s aunt gets Scout out of trouble. For example, Scout’s aunt helped take care of Scout when she was attacked in the woods. If Scout's aunt had not been there to assist Scout in her rough time, her outcome could have been very different., Scout would have no one to learn from, but she also wouldn’t have anyone to challenge her. The ways Scout’s aunt teaches her is not highly appreciated by Scout but makes her a stronger individual. Although there were differences in the ways the two girls were shaped by their families, they still became similar literary

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