Maya Angelou's Still I Rise

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Our culture is something that we value, a concept that can blind us from the truth, or help us rise when we are oppressed. Jay-Z once said about culture “I have to stay true to whatever I’m feeling at the time, whatever direction I’m heading in. And hopefully, everyone follows.” This quote can directly relate to the poet Maya Angelou a woman who fought for her rights and never gave up in what she believed in. This can be seen in her poem “Still I rise” in which she uses repetition, rhyming, and a mixture of similes and metaphors to convey her message of cultural pride through the use of a proud tone. Through out her poem Angelou mentions all the time that she was brought down by others and repeats the line “but still I rise”(lines 4,12,24). The effect on her audience is that they can see how she uses her cultural pride to continue rising despite how she is treated by the world. Angelou describes how she was treated and how “you may trout…show more content…
Angelou also uses a rhyme scheme, perhaps it was to show cultural assimilation, a way to show that even though she was different from everyone else, she still could do the same things. During this time period race was unfortunately a very big issue at the time and most whites did not believe that blacks could do the same things as them, so by rhyming she demonstrates that she can do what other people can do. Lastly she uses metaphors and similes to convey her message. She calls herself a “black ocean, leaping and wide”(line 29) this metaphor could be saying that she is a vast collection of her peoples memories and in the end “bears in the tide”( line 30), in other

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