Comparing Maya Angelou's The Lie And Prescience

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“The Lie” and “Prescience” are two poems written by Maya Angelou that appears to have been first published in 1986 by Random House Books in a book which is entitled “Poems.” They can be found on pages 199-201; this volume also includes several previously published works such as “Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water Fore I Die,” “Still I Rise” and “Shaker Why Don’t You Sing.” The official Manya Angelou web site refers to Angelou’s literature works as avenues of universal truths, champions of civil rights, advocates for feminist rights which savors life and document not only the Afro American experience but the human experience (Caged Bird Legacy | The Legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou). Her works do not just record an Afro American woman’s perceptions…show more content…
In American, the Me Generation is one of the labels used to describe people born between 1946 and 1964, the Baby Boomers. The phrase, the Me Generation, became popular to describe an era when self-realization and self-fulfillment replaced self-sacrifice and social responsibility replaced cultural norms. Baby boomers experienced institutional changes fueled by political activism, new cultural experiences, new technology, the sexual revolution, and the mainstream introduction of Eastern mysticism, together with the disenchantment of the resignation of Richard Nixon, the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, on top of the ending of the Vietnam War. The disenchantment of many of the Baby boomers, gave rise to The self-indulgence counter-culture, of the Disco Era. Social experimentation, the sexual revolution and the need to feel special formed the foundation of Disco. Its veneer of sophistication differentiate it from other counter-cultures-the Hippies, the Goths, the Punker, and the rock and rollers. Both poems have that disco feel of self-indulgence, romantic experimentation, and aspirations of refinement. “When I return, I know you’ll be gone./Do drop a line or telephone (17-18). More importantly, the poems are just as powerful now as the were when they were first published some thirty years

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