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"Facing Evil with Maya Angelou." Personal Interview. January 2014. Maya Angelou, interviewed by Bill Moyer, shared how she endured depression after being raped by her stepfather and living in poor conditions as a young little girl. Angelou spoke about the huge effect the raping had on her. Angelou’s stepfather was killed by her Uncle Willie. After her stepfather was killed, Angelou became so depressed that she didn’t speak a word for six years. Her seven year old logic was that she was the reason for her stepfather’s death. Angelou revealed that it’s okay to fall, but it isn’t okay to fall and remain fallen. Her six year old silence allowed her to read, memorize, and recite countless poems, plays, and famous stories. Toward the end of the interview, Angelou gave a quote that says “Nothing human can be alien to me.” I found Angelou’s interview to be very profound because she didn’t let rape get in the way of achieving greatness. Angelou’s ability to rise above is something I will always consider miraculous. This interview relates to my paper because it showcases the effect rape can have on a rape victim. Younis, Jinan. "Women Are Still Terrified of Reporting Rape." TheGuardian. 7 Apr. 2012. Web. 2 Dec. 2014.…show more content…
It is highly difficult for anyone to report a rape case. The article discusses the reasons one may have for holding back information they know pertaining to a rape case. In my paper, I mentioned the women that have recently said that Bill Cosby raped them many years ago. From reading this article, I understood that being terrified to report a rape case will get you nowhere. On the bright side, a high percentage of students have contributed to the increase in reported rape cases. I think this is an important fact to consider because it proves that improvements in rape culture awareness have been

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