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Source Paper Cheryl Minear Nov. 25th, 2014 The Holocaust was a horrific event that began in the year 1933, following World War II, and claimed the lives of millions of Jewish people by the Nazi Regime. Understanding how and why a man by the name of Adolf Hitler could cause such a horrible amount of death and his disconcert for human life in general is unfathomable. There are many sources that teachers and professors use to teach their students about the holocaust, why it began and what made it continue on for so long. There are three sources that can be beneficial to understanding World War II and the Holocaust and how it all comes together. These sources all are very well written and have great points, they also all differ significantly…show more content…
The graphic novel Maus gives a first person perspective of how it affected him as an individual and not as a whole group of people which gives the context of the novel a more personal feel. The emotions Art’s father, Vladek feels and experiences are brought out because of the personalization of the novel and it is easy to become attached to the characters and would be easy for students to connect to and understand more because emotions are attached. The author still uses animals to portray the different roles and stereotypes in the novel, Jewish people were represented as mice and were looked at in a sympathetic light as the primary victims of the Holocaust. The novel is very easy to read and shows the criminal abuse of the Jewish people, it does not, however outline all of it to the reader. The Holocaust was a very controversial topic and a topic that needs a lot of background, including all of the factors that led up to the beginning of the Holocaust and with the lack of this information it could distort one's understanding of why it all really happened. It is not an accurate historical record of all that happened in those years, and doesn’t really teach students about how complex the holocaust was, rather it makes it sound as if it was still horrific but much simpler than it really
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