Outline: Atlantic Revolutions, Global Echoes

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OUTLINE Chapter: #16 Title: Atlantic Revolutions, Global Echoes I. Introduction A. Question (1 pt): [What caused the French Revolution?] B. Context (2 pts): [Between1750-1914, The Atlantic Revolution happened which included scientific, industrial, and political revolutions. They started in North America and Western Europe. The revolutions had great impacts on the societies because they transform some ideas including Nationhood, Women's equality, and mass politics.] C. Thesis Statement (5 pts): [The French Revolution was differently caused by the several reasons such as, American Revolution, Enlightenment ideas, and social tension.] D. II. Supporting Argument 1 E. Topic (2 pts): [The American Revolution straightforwardly influenced the French Revolution.] a.…show more content…
Evidence 1 (1 pt): [Thousand of French troops had fought for American revolutionaries.] b. Evidence 2 (1 pt): [The soldiers were affected by liberty and republicanism ideas from the American Revolution.] III. Supporting Argument 2 A. Topic (2 pts): [The rise of Enlightenment ideas was also another reason to cause the French Revolution.] a. Evidence 1 (1 pt): [The Enlightenment ideas abolished the authority of the church and the King because they pushed people to work on reason rather than tradition.] b. Evidence 2 (1 pt): [The enlightenment ideas led to "equality," so it caused the revolution.] IV. Supporting Argument 3 A. Topic (2 pts): [The French Revolution came out from social conflicts.] a. Evidence 1 (1 pt): [Inflation and unemployment encountered urban poor people.] b. Evidence 2 (1 pt): [The power of aristocrats was resented by middle class because poor people underwent joblessness and

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