Leo Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilych

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Leo Tolstoy’s novella is known as “superb” (Taylor 299) by literary critics because of the detail and well thought out settings to provide readers a realistic scenario of how one may react to facing death. The short story though titled ‘The Death of Ivan Ilych” is a story of Ivan’s life and his ability to “transcend anguish and find personal meaning” (Goldberg 85) when faced with an incurable illness. Tolstoy demonstrates how one does not constantly agonize whether they are happy and successful in life rather one waits until they are facing death and it is too late. Ivan’s experience focuses on his tragic journey to realize those around him may never understand his mental and physical pain but he himself needs accept that he will suffer an…show more content…
Ivan has so much anger because in his mind he has everything to lose including his marriage, his high role in court, his wealth and power. Ivan believes the people around him are the causes for his mishaps and unpleasantness (Tolstoy 103). He attempts to find fault in others and blame them for affecting his illness but does not realize he is causing his own annoyance. His anger increases as he “continuously consults doctors” and “reads medical books” (Tolstoy 103) and is unable to find the real answer. Ivan is the main source for his “maladaptive behavior and chronic unhappiness” (Cerney 228). The idea that people will move on and life will continue without him leaving no permanent effect on their lives worsens his rage. His anger even begins to cause altercations in his family between him and his wife, Praskovya Fedorovna. Over time his furiousness and outrage drains him both physically and mentally. He takes a step forward and moves onto to the stage of bargaining. Ivan considers bargaining will help him get some control of his life back. He believes that by becoming sincere as of now he may one way or another become cured. His hopes are that bargaining is going to help him find a way out of

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