Comparing Love In Maus And Slam Dunk

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Normally, comics tend to contain messages that are humorous, relaxing or inspiring. The comic book Maus by Art Spiegelman, however, is full of dark and intimidating stories that took place during World War II. It is not a mainstream comic book, but it consists of several conventions of the comics genre that is found in the comic book Slam Dunk, one of the best selling comic in Japan of all time. () Both of them discuss the power of love, integrate realistic and unrealistic characteristics in drawings and use visual texts, including facial expression and movements, to enhance the impact of the books. Love plays an important role in both. Both show the powerful impact of love on characters and stories. The story of Slam Dunk starts with Hanamichi Sakuragi’s, one of the protagonists of the story, affection for…show more content…
Hanamichi is a slacker before he meets Haruko. All he do everyday is fight and mess around in school.() When he is rejected and informed by Haruko that she likes Kaede Rukawa, one of the best players on the school basketball team, Hanamichi cries and is depressed for a long time(5). A few days later, Haruko asks him “Do you like basketball? Guys who like sports are really different.” (12) Tears filling Hanamichi’s eyes again and he think his “spring has finally come”(12). Since then he starts to practice basketball like crazy and becomes one of the most important players on the school team. This affection toward her changes his life completely; he not only becomes a better ball player, he also becomes a better person(add). Slam Dunk is a comic about about basketball, but the romance between Hanamichi and Haruko set the tone for the whole story(add). In Maus, love is also an influential emotion. Art Spiegelman wants to use the book to illustrate his father’s stories and experiences during World War II as a Jew. The love between Art’s father and his wife makes a great

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