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Introduction: The Rockport Walk Test is a method used to determine a person’s VO2 maximum (maximal oxygen uptake). The Rockport Walk Test requires participants to walk one-quarter mile as fast as they can. Variables such as the time it takes to complete the walk, weight, age, gender, and heart rate at the end of the walk are placed into a regression equation to determine VO2 max. This test is not as accurate as direct measures but is used because it is an easier (and also cheaper) way to estimate a person’s VO2 max. VO2 max is a measure of an individual’s ability to consume oxygen delivered from the blood. Methods: Before we began the test, we measured and recorded our resting heart rate. To conduct the walk test, we walked one-quarter…show more content…
My result was lower compared to the results of my classmates from different discussions. I received a score of 47.06 and another classmate had a score of 53.87. Regression equation: VO2 MAX (ml/kg/min)=88.768-(0.0957*weight in pounds)-(0.3877*age in years)+(8.892*gender)-(1.4537*time in minutes)-(0.1194*heart rate in beats per minute) Gender unit: males receive a value of 1, females a value of zero VO2 MAX (ml/kg/min)=88.768-(0.0957*117 pounds)-(0.3877*20 years)+(8.892*0)-(1.4537*3.5 minutes)-(0.1194*148) = 47.06 Discussion and Interpretation: Some factors that affect the score in the Rockport test is the speed of the walker, weather, type of ground that is walked on, timing accuracy, health status of the walker, or the attire for the walk. Factors that contribute to inaccurate scores are not walking at an individual’s fastest speed, terrain of the walk course, weather contributing to slippery ground causing the person to walk slower or fall, inaccurately timing the walk, having an injury during the walk test, or not wearing the appropriate attire for the walk. The Rockport test would be well suited for people who don’t have injuries such as a broken leg. The Rockport test would be very poorly suited for people who are in a wheelchair or have injuries that would prohibit them from walking at their full potential such as being in a cast. If I were to do this test again, I would make sure to walk at my fastest

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