Martin Luther And The Reformation

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The Reformation was a religious revolution that took place in the Western Church at the 1517. It was obvious that Martin Luther and John Calvin were leading this revolution, Having political, economic and social effects. The Reformation being the basis for the founding of Protestantism and one of the three main branches of Christianity. The Reformation was grounded by these following conditions created during the later Middle Ages (these are only a few of the conditions grounding the Reformation as these were the ones that I chose). The effects of the black death, Indulgences, relics and the ending of the Feudal system. The black death was an effect that was founded in 1348 in Italy. The pest unleashed a rampage of death upon Europe killing…show more content…
Martin Luther was a German Catholic priest and was a professor in theology. Luther was born in Germany in 1483 and was one of the most influential figures known to christian history. Martin started to be recognised as the one who began the protestant Reformation. He was rejected into the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 when Pope Leo X began a new round of indulgences to help St. Peter’s Basilica but on October 31,1517 Luther was to nail a sheet of paper called the ninety five sheet on the Church door (It was called this because it had ninety five arguments written on it), He intended these to be discussion points but it lead to the lose of people’s faith to christianity. Martin Luther is one of the most influential figures in the Reformation movement. His actions split the Roman Catholic Church into new parts of Christianity and set in motion reform within the Church. He was thriving for people to feel closer to God led him to translate the Bible into the language of the people, changing the relationship between church leaders and their followers. Martin Luther once said “The Church needs a reformation. And this cannot be the work either of a single man, as the pope - but it must be that of the whole world". Moving on to Pope Leo X. He was born at the time of 11/12/1475 and in Italy, Leo X Helped provoke the Reformation in the sixteenth century. He became Pope at the age of 37 in 1513 and was one of the most extravagant of all Popes,. He initiated a massive building project to make the Vatican more beautiful. This was the cause of the Reformation because to get the enormous amount of money for the renovation, he encouraged the sale of Indulgences, which promised the rid of eternal sins. He was the last pope to look at the papacy as a temporal monarchy. Next up we have , this man was born at the time of 1465 in Germany. He was one
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