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In dissecting the realm of a dodge ball, there are very different techniques in a way of throwing the ball. While taking information about the size of ball that is used in the dodge ball game the size of the ball is 8.5 inches or 22 cm (Facts). Using the size of the balls and taking the mass of the ball to see how someone can be taken out of the game. The mass of the ball is anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds. Throwing the round object tat weighs anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds can make someone feel pain. If never felt the pain of a doge ball thrown anywhere between 40 to 50 miles an hour (Home). Using a dodge ball to take off some stress is a very good technique used in such a way that releases anger. Through research finding ways of how each element of the human body works the wrist of a human has an average acceleration of 215 m/s^2 (Home). Meaning the wrist contains a lot of force in how the dodge ball will react in the air. When using a dodge ball for organized using the way a ball plays a part in how the weight is exerted. The ball can have a acceleration of 95 m/s^2 which means through how the ball can attack the human body at contact (Home). Watching a video finding the exact way to throw a dodge ball seeing that a human will use all of his or her power to throw on single object at the face of someone.…show more content…
First dodge is a key element in being safe and not getting out in the game of dodge ball. Second duck when a person can duck from a ball is shows that they have a great agility and our willing to risk their body to get out of the way. Third is dip when a person dips it shows that the can get away from the ball at any given time. Fourth is dive when the person dives for the ball mean they are willing to take themselves out of the game for someone else to get back in the game. Fifth is dodge by dodge an flying round ball going approxemently 95 m/s^2 and the momentum of the ball flying anywhere from 3.04 kg, m/s

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