Marriage In The Catholic Church Essay

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Marriage is practiced throughout the world and is significant to every culture. It is defined by as “A union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities” ( The significance of marriage in the Catholic Church goes beyond a union of love and exceeds tax benefits. To the Church, marriage is not only a bond between people, but rather a union between a man, women, and God. Scott P Richert, Catholicism Expert, states “marriage is more than a natural institution; it was elevated by Christ Himself to be one of the seven sacraments. A marriage between two Christians, therefore, has a supernatural element as well as a natural one” (Richert). Matrimony is a sacrament, just as Baptism, Confirmation, etc. They were instituted by Christ and grant us grace. He lives within us because of these. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops states “One reality we encounter through the sacraments is Christ's presence in the Church community, his body. This recognition of Christ's presence in the…show more content…
Vocations are our callings from God, and many are called to marriage. This means that God has chosen you to spend your life with someone, and assist them on their journey through the path God has set out for them. In general, a part of your Vocation is to help your spouse reach heaven. Paul McLachlan, of St. Leo’s College in Brisbane, says “He created us, He knows us through and through, and He has a special role for each of us in this life. A select few, He calls to live lives devoted entirely to Him so that we can all have a foretaste of how He wants us all to live in entire union with Him in Heaven. Many others He calls to be married, so that we have someone to help and to help us reach Heaven, and so that we can beget even more Saints”

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