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don't you wonder what else is beneath the sea? me to that's why the career of a marine biologist is a great job because the love and curiosity i have for the sea. The research will describe the career of a marine biologist.there are approximately over 185235 people in this career field. Most jobs related to this job are often found by the coasts, like florida ,texas, cali, some general duties of a marine biologist involves research analysis and forecast in relation to the ocean their life form and coastal area they also analyze the sea. Marine biologist estimate the number of marine organisms and analyze their population, also observe the structure of communities of marine organism and work out the factors influencing this structure. Usually…show more content…
you must be able to work alone and as a team, have stamina and physical fitness, no specific experience is needed to be in this field just love for the ocean. The aptitude of this career is having math skills and science skills, as well as writing and speaking. Most biologist have masters and doctorate degrees to be in this field. Common methods to enter this career is through school, i would choose school because being there one on one is better for me than anything else. I expect to make just starting out about 60,000 a year in this career. the beginning salary for a marine biologist is 39,700 a year but the average salary is 77,630 a year. Exceptional salary for a marine biologist is 124,680 per year but this usually comes with how much experience you have and what degrees you have. Some expenses i would have to meet are going to school longer studying harder and…show more content…
This job does have its benefits though such as discovering new animals for the first time and plants that creep the ocean's floor. A large proportion of all life on Earth lives in the ocean. know one knows how big that proportion is, since there are many ocean species still to be discovered. The ocean is unknown world covering approximately 71% of the Earth's surface. The habitats studied in marine biology are everything from the tiny layers of surface water in which organisms and abiotic items may be trapped in surface tension between the ocean and atmosphere, to the depths of the oceanic trenches, sometimes they are 10,000 meters or more beneath the surface of the ocean. Some habitats include coral and kelp forest,seagrass. the surrounds of seamounts and thermal vents, tidepool, muddy, sandy and rocky bottoms, and the open ocean zone, where solid objects are rare and the surface of the water is the only visible boundary. The organisms studied in this range of work go from microscopic phytoplankton

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