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Driving a manual car is more enjoyable as compared to automatic cars. When driving a manual car, most of your senses are involved in decision making especially during acceleration and gear change to make your ride smooth unlike the automatic cars where most of the processes have been computerized and atomized. However, driving a manual car is a little bit challenging as compared to the automated cars but becomes enjoyable once you become used to it. Here are some guidelines to help you on how to start a manual car before you drive. Protocol 1. Ensure that you are comfortably seated. Your sitting posture ensures that you have a clear view of the road before starting a car. Sitting position also determines the amount of force applied to the pedals since it affects the angle formed by the knee. The upper body and the lower body should make a right angle. 2. Identify the pedals and master their functions. The pedals are the clutch, the brake, and the accelerator. A manual car has the three pedals that operate at different times or concurrently. The grip allows you to disconnect the wheels from the engine to allow the smooth changing of gears. To start a car, you must disconnect the wheels from the engine. It is located at the left foot. The brakes help to slow down the car. It is the middle pedal. Finally, the accelerator is on the right…show more content…
Insert the key in the ignition and start the car. You should locate the ignition and enter the key. Before you begin the car ensure that it is neutral. The car is neutral when the gear pedal rests in a neutral position or when you press the clutch sufficiently to disengage the engine from the wheels. You can now ignite the car. Remember not to release the clutch since it will engage the wheels to the engine and the car will move. In the neutral position, you should not press the clutch. You will notice that the engine is running, but the car is not moving. The motor should be left to run for a while before beginning to

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