Clockwork Orange Book Vs Movie Essay

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Don't judge a book by its movie. The novel that I read is Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess and made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. Clockwork Orange is a strange novel where criminals take over after dark. The novel is based on a dystopian near future english society told by the main character Alex. A Clockwork Orange is a poignant and pessimistic novel. It’s fairly depressing as the government has much more control than they should. Throughout the novel there are many acts of violence and sexuality as the four Droogs,Alex,Pete,Dim,Georgie roam the city at night and do as they like. They steal cars, rape women, break into people's houses and cause mayhem around the city. For this novel i prefer the book over the movie for these reasons; When you read the book you can imagine what the characters and setting looks like. There's…show more content…
The story between the book and movie was fairly similar, only difference with the north american original version of the book is that the newer version had an alternate ending than the north american book and movie because publishers did not want to show Alex becoming a better citizen. In the newer version Alex sees his old friend pete who is all grown up and married and Alex starts to think that he has become too old for violence and wants to live a life like Pete, the simple life. In the movie there never seems to be a first person view only 3rd person, you are almost never looking at from the characters eyes, which is something that i found unique about this film, also how most of the music used was classical music mainly being Beethoven. The lighting in the film is usually mostly dark because violence in mostly portrayed at night and that’s when all the action happens so good job to stanley kubrick for keeping the lighting in the movie the same as the book as Anthony Burgess

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