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Written Assignment Unit 2 Lockheed Martin's Mission is "To solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe and provide them essential services." What Business are we in? The core values of this company has not changed since the inception, the mission statement has always been to produce a great, safe product and advance technology. The business of the company, having stayed true to it its humble beginnings reflect the goal. Throughout the past 100 years, Lockheed Martin has been quite industrious buy changing with the buying market. Just being part of the aviation industry for over one hundred years has shown that. Lockheed Martin continues to strive to have…show more content…
"About us" is a difficult thing to put into words. How can you encompass each part of a business? How do you convey all your hard work and tears poured into a business you have created? I think it starts with several questions....Who are we? What do we want to be to the public and our customers? How do we move from vision to reality? Can we promise all that we say in business and as a human being, is it realistic? This is exactly why a business mission is vital. The mission statements on the web supports my belief that the comparison is true to the promise and is the heart of the business. I did find that there is a difference in the mission statements if I read them independently. Perhaps, one reason for that is they were written at different times, the mission has similarities but not a perfect match. Another option could be a change in staff creating their personal “stamp” on the company, being careful not to wander from the original statement but adding as a compliment to the original. The following statements are from my research and show the similarities and slight directional

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